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The Krulls' 2nd album, HALLOWEEN MONSTER, drops on October 23rd on iTunes, Spotify, and everywhere!



Connor Thompson and I write one new play every month based on an audience suggestion, and do a table-read with funny comedians at a live show in Toronto!

Newest Episode: The Playcast Christmas/Holiday Extravaganza
Released on: December 20, 2016

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Time Drones is a 6-part radio play written and recorded by Connor Thompson and me.

Featuring the additional voice talents of: Ashley Botting, Jan Caruana, Ashley Comeau, Alastair Forbes, Jordan Kennedy, Matt McCready, and Kevin Vidal.

Synopsis: Danny and Bill are a couple of Poortown nobodies, slogging away on the lowest rung of the corporate ladder. Aside from watching the odd dogfight or getting a new batch of Crap Coupons in the mail, nothing interesting ever happens to those losers. But that all changes when their boss, fat-cat technocrat Alice Brassly, recruits them for a mission to travel back in time to fix her greatest mistake...

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This is a live show I wrote. It was performed as part of Toronto Sketchfest 2016.

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Hot Water Internet Theory





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Wild Night of Blinking
Released May 31st, 2016

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